A granny crossed the road...

...she said how many can I eat?

~★~ lei ~★~
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I study Herbal Medicine
I want to be a skinny bitch
I have 2 alter egos The ever daring Coach and party animal Frances
Coach likes keeping fit, tidying up, eating healthily and generally living the good life
Frances likes the exact opposite she is loud, loves getting wasted on whatevers available and likes living it large
I prefer Coach but most people prefer Frances
I am blonde, it kicks ass
I am shy
I have a tendency to give in to curry and lager.

Celebrity of the day!

By pirate_adam


Leighanna Bone (that's Ms Bone to you) was born and raised by the rugged Quaker Oats man on the far away isle of Skye. Weaned on Iron Bru before graduating to eat real girders at the age of 6, Ms Bone lost her natural teeth by the time she was seven and replaced them with an antique victorian set of dentures made entirely of ginger. She found these one day whilst walking briskly along the central reservation of the M5, somewhere between Exeter and Colchester.

Along with her easily offendable sister, Ms Bone struck fear into the hearts of the dour highlandish men and took particular pleasure in castrating them using only a rusty pair of haggis shearers which she borrowed from time to time from her sister's haggis sanctury. Catching the ever watchfull eyes of Dixie Chick 1, the nymphomaniacal leader of R.E.V.L.O.N., it wasn't long before she was inducted into this secret sinister soriety sworn to scupper men. Entering the higher education system as a "sleeper" (for R.E.V.L.O.N. members this placement had sadistic sexual connotations of the most eye-watering order) she studies "Herbal Medicine" at Edinburgh university and maintains a very open outlook on experimentation with drugs; often subjecting herself to the most rigourous and gruelling tests pushing back the limits of human drug endurance and conciousness.

leighannabone shot to fame in late February of 2005 when she appeared as part of Celebrity of the Day on a most illustrious journal written by the Dread pirate_adam . Why she appeared, when she isn't even one of pirate_adam 's friends, isn't widely known and will remain an enigma for many many days.


A recent portrait of leighannabone . "I just love the way it flatters my nose!" she cried.

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User Number: 2600175
Date Created:23/03/04
Number of Posts: 213

Leighanne is a shy, blonde haired herbal medicine student - with two alter egos. Frances (the party animal) and Coach (the perfectionist). you may also call her Loo
Strengths: making soup, centipedes, following the atkins diet, resisting carbs, making wine and cutting hair
Weaknesses: saturday nights, smoking when drunk, sausages, hugging mumma J, ogg & benjie
Special Skills: cooking carb-free meals, 'beasting' the gym, the ability to draw better than rolf harris and cleaning better than mr muscle
Weapons: kitchen tools, dumb-bells and 'crocodile tears'
HATE: things in the sky that aren't meant to be there, squeeky shoes on a polished gym floor, the fact that she cannot play the guitar and of course, CARBS!

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